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Weekly Workout Wrap-Up + Plan for Next Week

January 16, 2011

Weekly Wrap-Up:

I worked out 5 times this week…

Monday 1/10 – walked 30 minutes on treadmill + weights

Tuesday 1/11 – walked/ran Week 3 Day 1

Wednesday 1/12 – off

Thursday 1/13 – off

Friday 1/14 -walked/ ran Week 3 Day 2

Saturday 1/15– yoga (90 minute ashtanga class)

Sunday 1/16 -walked/ ran week 3 Day 3


Thoughts: I think I need to eat more, which is not a phrase I’m used to saying (errr, writing).  I’m working out more frequently and for longer sessions than usual, and I haven’t adjusted my eating accordingly.  I may track calories online this week to see if I can get myself into the right ballpark for how much I should be eating.

This Week – the Plan:

Monday 1/17yoga (vinyasa)

Tuesday 1/18 run/walk W4D1

Wednesday 1/19yoga (ashtanga)

Thursday 1/20 – run/walk W4D2 +  weights

Friday 1/21- off

Saturday 1/22 – yoga (ashtanga)

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