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Fall Salad for a Winter Day or Why Costco Should Sponsor Me…

January 11, 2011

At lunch today, I was craving something fall-like despite the snow outside.  I looked through the refrigerator and cupboards and threw together a few ingredients into what turned out to be a rocking salad:

In the mix was:  organic spring greens mix (which is $3.50 for a huge container at Costco – and twice that at our regular grocery store), an apple, a dried fruit mix (cherries, cranberries, apples with orange zest – also from Costco), and pecans (from, guess where? Costco). I threw together a dressing with 2 parts canola oil, 1 part champagne vinegar, and 1 part maple syrup (from Costco).  I will definitely make it again, though I think I’ll reduce the maple syrup and/or add something salty (gorgonzola?) to cut the sweetness a bit.

I didn’t realize I used almost exclusively ingredients that we bought at Costco until I started to type that out. We buy a lot of staple ingredients there – they have a lot of healthy options at great prices if you know where to look (and have the willpower to avoid the giant apple pies and delicious-looking 24-packs of cupcakes); maybe I should write a post about it in the future.

My afternoon snack was something that I have been eating a lot lately:  homemade fruit-on-the-top yogurt.  It’s a secret recipe that involves precise temperatures, fragile bacterial cultures, and a backyard garden.  Just kidding…

I just plop a big spoonful of jam or fruit preserves on top of a bowl of plain yogurt. I’ve been buying quarts of plain yogurt, which ends up being a lot cheaper than buying individual 6 oz cups of flavored yogurt, and since these preserves are sweetened with fruit juice, my homemade concoction ends up being lower in sugar than regular fruit-on-the-bottom yogurt.

I also learned today that if I want to take pictures in natural light on my balcony, I need to do so sooner than 4:45 pm when the sun is setting.  At least the blue sky made for a nice contrast with the red table, but the picture turned out blurry and dark.


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