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Workout Success, Photo Fail…

January 10, 2011

Today, I had one of those unfocused days where I couldn’t seem to do anything right.  I am not sure if I spent all of my creative energy on my big organizing project, if I am coming down with something (I’m kind of congested, too), or if perhaps this was just one of those blah days.  I worked for several hours on my dissertation this afternoon, and while I made some progress outlining ideas and reading a few articles, I couldn’t write a sentence to save my life.   In any case, when 4:00 pm rolled around and I was still struggling, I decided to call it a day and go work out.

I put on my favorite Wisconsin t-shirt (gotta rep’ my alma matter!), grabbed my running shoes, and got out the door before I could talk myself out of it.  I was planning to do Week 3 Day 1 of Couch to 10k, but after 15 minutes on the treadmill, I was just not feeling right and was having trouble catching my breath because I was so congested.   I was ready to give up and go home, but I stuck it out and just walked for another 15 minutes.  By that time, I was feeling a bit better, so I lifted weights for about 20 more minutes.

By the time I got home, I felt a LOT better.  Thank you, endorphins!

(obligatory self-taken post-workout shot: sweaty but happy)

When I got home, I was greeted by the delicious smell of brown rice cooking.  Before I went to work out, I had done something right –I’d put some brown rice into the rice cooker so it’d be finished when I got home.

(Please ignore the residue of the Great Oatmeal Overflow of 2011 that is apparently still on the display)
As I was trying to photograph this giant bag of brown rice (12 lbs for $13 at Costco)  I realized the colors matched the throw pillows on our couch perfectly!

I made a quick stir-fry with carrots, mushrooms, brussels sprouts, and tofu (cooked using Emily at the Daily Garnish’s tofu tutorial).  Both brussels sprouts and tofu are foods I never, ever thought I would like, but have grown to love now that I know how to cook them properly.  I topped them with a quick peanut sauce made with these guys:

Peanut butter, soy sauce, honey & sriracha hot sauce

Somehow, in my post-workout hunger haste, I forgot to actually photograph the finished stir-fry.  Perhaps that’s for the better, because with the orange carrots, green brussels sprouts, and brown sauce, it had the color scheme of a 1970s kitchen.  It tasted a lot better than it looked, though!

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