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Weekend Project Part II: Mission Accomplished

January 9, 2011

I am sure, dear reader, you are waiting with baited breath after I left you hanging in Part I: The Mess.  Have no fear – I have returned from projectland in one piece, and with a slew of photos for you.

This project started, as all projects seem to do, with a simple goal:  cleaning off my desk so that I can actually use it.  Even counting breaks for snacks, this should have taken, oh, 10 minutes or so.

So, roughly 13 hours worth of work later, I present you with Desk 2.0:

What?  You don’t think it took me 13 hours to clean up my desk?  Even with this amazing project:

Okay, fine.  That only took me about 5 minutes, tops.  I covered the top part of my hybrid white board/bulletin board with scrap booking paper that fit the space perfectly, then stuck some pictures to it with magnets.

So why did it take me 13 hours, including a trip to drop off several bags of stuff at a Goodwill donation center?  Because I also conquered The Mess.  VOILA!  A new, organized closet for my clothes and accessories:

Dresses are on the right, while tops, skirts, and pants are on the left. The fabric bins hold my folded clothes, replacing my gigantic dresser that’s taking up a good portion of our bedroom.

It proved difficult to photograph the closet due to its odd shape (one wall angles in sharply), but here’s a mini-tour of the rest of it:

Shoe rack (there are flats and sneakers in an over-the-door rack that I forgot to photograph, lest you think I only ever wear heels).


I found these hangers at Target in a two-pack for around $6; they’re perfect for hanging scarves!


Necklaces hanging from sticky hooks (3M command brand, around $6 for 5)


The rest of my jewelry is in the jewelry boxes on the top and middle shelves.  The bottom basket holds assorted hair accessories.


The only things I bought were the two scarf hangers and the stick-up hooks; the rest I already had around the apartment in various places, so the total cost of this make-over was around $12.

In the process of finding new places for a lot of the miscellaneous stuff that was part of The Mess before–including five boxes of books from my graduate school classes, two of Brian’s guitars, lots of craft supplies, a giant exercise ball–I ended up reorganizing our front closet, too. I also emptied out my side and all of the shelves of our shared (cramped) bedroom closet.

WHEW! So now I am totally exhausted.  I didn’t get a chance to formally work out tonight, but I am sore from carrying so many loads of stuff up and down the stairs.  (I rather stupidly decided to do all of the sorting in my bedroom, which is downstairs, so everything came down, got sorted, and then either went back upstairs,  into a different closet downstairs, or to the car to go to Goodwill.)

Do you have any good tips for keeping your workspace or your closet organized?  Have you attempted any DIY projects lately?

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  1. Sarah permalink
    January 10, 2011 10:31 am

    can you please come organize my closets? i am so impressed with your reorganization! i honestly didn’t believe it was the same closet you showed on your last post. nice work!

    • January 10, 2011 11:44 am

      Thanks! It was a lot of work but now it’s SO fun to get dressed now that I have my own organized closet. Yesterday, a story popped up on the New York Times site about a woman who makes a great living as a professional organizer. I am trying very hard not to look into that as a career path – at least not until I’m done with my Ph.D.!

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